The Cribs rescue fan at London show

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Plus Jarmans say they're 'better than U2'

The Cribs protected a fan from a violent security guard last night (February 10) during a gig at the London Heaven venue, after he was pushed into the photo pit after trying to get on stage.

During the show, at which the group played a series of new songs written with recently-added band member Johnny Marr, fan Tommy Powell crowd-surfed and attempted to get on stage.

A security guard reacted by shoving Powell into the photo pit before he could get on stage with the foursome.

Frontman Ryan Jarman stepped down to haul Powell onto the stage, then condemned the security guard for his behaviour.

“I don’t see a reason to push a guy like this off the stage,” he said, putting his arm around the young fan. “So from now on he stays up here with us.” Powell remained on stage with the band for the remainder of the set, despite guards’ repeated attempts to remove him.

“It was a dream come true, being on stage with The Cribs,” Powell told NME.COM after the show. “They’re legends.”

He added that he wasn’t angry at the security guards, saying, “They’re just doing what they’re supposed to do”.

Earlier in the show Ryan Jarman had joked that the band were “better than U2“.

“Did you see us at the Grammy Awards?” he joked with the crowd. “We won four: Best British Band, Best Song, better than U2…”

“…And Worst Stage Banter,” interjected his brother, bassist Gary Jarman.

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The Cribs played:

‘We Were Aborted’

‘I’m A Realist’

‘Hey Scenesters!’

‘Our Bovine Public’

‘We Share The Same Skies’

‘Don’t You Want To Be Relevant?’

‘Hari Kari’

‘Untitled New Song’

‘I’ve Tried Everything’

‘Cheat On Me’

‘Girls Like Mystery’

‘Women’s Needs’

‘Moving Pictures’

‘Another Number’

‘Victims Of Mass Production’

‘Mirror Kissers’

‘Men’s Needs’

‘Be Safe’

‘Wrong Way To Be’