The Drums: ‘We almost split up two weeks ago’

Band also announce that their new album will be titled 'Portamento'

The Drums have admitted that they almost split up during the making of their second album.

Speaking to French music news website, singer Jonathan Pierce also said the band have named their second album ‘Portamento’ and that it marks a major step forward for the New Yorkers.

He said of the recording of the new album: “We have faced trials. The guitarist [Adam Kessler] left, there were a lot of shouting matches. Two weeks ago, we came very close to splitting. But that has nourished the album, I think.”

Pierce added that the band have named the album ‘Portamento’, which is a musical term for moving from one note to another, as they feel that this sums up their musical journey.

He added: “Now we have an audience, we are taking into consideration the fact that we will be heard. That wasn’t the case at the time of the first record. I can’t see myself writing another song about the ocean or the beach. That’s why we’ve called the new album ‘Portamento’ – it signifies going from one point to another.”

Pierce also said that he believed the band’s self titled debut was “naïve”, but that he wouldn’t change anything about it. He said: “The first record was quite naïve, this one absolutely isn’t. We couldn’t make another record in the same way, but in the end, I regret nothing.”

“I wouldn’t change anything, nothing at all. Certainly, there have been a lot of doubts, but this album would have been very different. We have had to grow, and very quickly.”

The Drums return to the UK this summer to play Lovebox festival and Bestival.