The Futureheads’ Barry Hyde: ‘Working on our a capella album is the hardest thing I’ve tried to do’

Frontman admits that making their forthcoming instrument-free LP is a 'challenge'

The FutureheadsBarry Hyde has admitted that their forthcoming a capella album is “the hardest thing I’ve tried to do”.

Set for release later this year, the Sunderland group have already arranged the songs ‘Meantime’ and ‘Heartbeat Song’, and are currently working on renditions of ‘Skip To The End’, ‘Fallout’, ‘Robot’, ‘Man Ray’, ‘Carnival Kids’ and ‘First Day’.

“It is a challenge,” the singer told “It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do.”

He added: “There’s only going to be four sounds heard on this album. Essentially, we’re trying to make the most of what our voices can do and it’s going to actually expand our abilities because we’re going to have to work out ways to create different tones between us.”

Hyde revealed that all four band members are combining well on the album.

“Between us we have the full [vocal] range, between us we make one complete man,” the frontman said jokingly. “Me and Ross [Millard] are going to do bass and I can do mid and a bit higher, our Dave [Hyde] sings incredibly high falsetto, [David Craig] Jaff‘s got a very high voice. It works well, the four voices together.”

As previously reported, the band invited fans to help them pick which tracks should feature on the album.