The Gaslight Anthem’s Brian Fallon gets his cherished guitar broken by airline employees

Frontman says that American Airlines staff 'threw it'

The Gaslight Anthem‘s Brian Fallon has had one of his cherished guitars broken by employees at American Airlines.

The acoustic guitar, which the frontman used to write nearly all of the group’s songs, including the ones on their upcoming third album, ‘American Slang’, has suffered a cracked headstock.

“I checked it and they just did what they do – they threw it,” Fallon told “I took it to them and they were like ‘Well, if the case isn’t broken, we’re not responsible for what’s inside.’ I said, ‘If you wrap China up in a box and you smash it to pieces, you’re not responsible?’ and they’re like ‘yeah.’ I was like ‘That’s awesome!'”

He added: “I wish I could get that policy, because with bar fights, I would never have gotten a ticket when I was young, I could’ve punched someone in the face and been like ‘Hey, your teeth fell out. I didn’t damage your face, though.’ I wouldn’t have gotten in trouble at all when I was a kid.”

Despite the damage American Airlines have refused to pay for the repairs but in a twist of fate, the airline have asked the band to feature in their in-flight magazine.

“The funny thing is, they just asked us to do a feature in their in-flight magazine like two days ago,” he explained. “I was like ‘I don’t think so!’ Or, ‘Yes, I will do a feature and talk about this [his broken guitar]!'”

As previously reported, The Gaslight Anthem will embark on a tour of the UK, kicking off with a show in Birmingham on June 22.