The Horrors: ‘Making ‘Primary Colours’ was a mad party’ – video

Band tell NME.COM how the 'Album Of 2009' came to be

The Horrors have spoke about the the making of last album ‘Primary Colours’, which was recently named NME’s Album Of 2009.

In the first part of an exclusive NME.COM documentary about the The Horrors‘ record which will premiere online this week, the band explain how the album came into existence – from early rehearsals, to the recording studio.

Watch video footage of the band talking about the making of ‘Primary Colours’ on the right of your screen now.

Describing the atmosphere of ‘Primary Colours’‘ recording sessions, bassist Rhys Webb said: “Ultimately it was just like going into what was really a mad party everyday. We’d be going in there in varied states of mind – sometimes feeling shit, sometimes feeling great, sometimes really off our heads…”

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