Pete Doherty: ‘There’s a future for The Libertines where we get together and make really good music’

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He stresses that The Libertines 'have never not been a band'

Pete Doherty has said that The Libertines definitely have a future as a band.

Speaking to NME, the Babyshambles man said that he had recently seen fellow Libertines frontman Carl Barat and had taken him to his art exhibition in Camden, London. He then said that during their meeting, he and Barat started working on the idea of making new music together. “He took away some of my stuff to put some riffs on,” explained Doherty. “He said he’s got a few ideas but he’s short of lyrics. So I gave him a journal.”

When asked if there was a future for The Libertines, Doherty said:

Yeah. A future where we get together and make really good music. We’ve never not been a band. I really feel like it’s easier being in his company now than it was in our heyday. I hate to say it, but it’s true – we’ve kind of grown up.

He added: “Maybe it’s a negative thing that there isn’t that tension. But I don’t think it is. I think it’s great that we can both naturally sort of… amble in such a direction that we end up on the same path again and end up making music.”

Of taking Barat to his exhibition, Pete said: “Whenever I do things that are, in my mind, slightly laudable, he gets a bit jealous. ‘Where’s my exhibition?’. He assumes that because I’ve got an exhibition, he should have one. He’s always maintained that I can’t draw. But I drew him.”

He explained that the picture he drew of Barat wasn’t one of his notorious ‘blood paintings’ but that he would like to sell it via the pages of NME: “I didn’t really want to get the needle out with Carl there. The day was going so well, you know? And then Wolfman popped round. They’ve never really liked each other. Wolfman says he’s too good looking. But I painted him. So maybe we can auction it in NME. Get a fucking fortune.”

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