Lightning Seeds frontman IAN BROUDIE says V98 is the end of an era for the band. Broudie says he’s taken his pop experiment as far as it will go and that the band’s next album will be looser and more in keeping with their stage show. “This is probably the last time we’ll play these songs,” he told “I’ve already written the next LP and it’s very different. I’m trying to keep the theme of it vague. I sometimes think I tie things down too early and I want this to flow and keep the performance there. In the past I’ve been on a pop mission but lately I’ve been lsitening to more performance-type stuff and it’s really inspired me.I just think, mentally, I need to move on now.”

Broudie added he was enjoying the weather as much as the great atmosphere at V98. “It’s funny playing a festival that’s not rainy and muddy and all that. The crowd haven’t been shouting for ‘Three Lions’ either so that’s also nice.”