Long Blondes’ Dorian Cox: ‘I feel lucky to be alive at all’

Guitarist gives fans update after suffering a stroke

Former Long Blondes‘ guitarist and songwriter Dorian Cox has said he feels “lucky to be alive”, after he suffered a stroke in 2008.

Cox, 27, told The Guardian that he fell over on his way to the bathroom while staying in a hotel in his native Sheffield, and was unable to get up.

After being found by a hotel maid, Cox was taken to hospital, where doctors confirmed he had suffered a stroke.

“At 27 years old, this was the last thing I expected,” he said. “At first, it didn’t feel serious: like most young people, I assumed that strokes only affected older people.”

The stroke affected Cox‘s left side, and the guitarist spent seven weeks in hospital. Although his condition is slowly improving, Cox still has to walk with a crutch. He is also unable to play the guitar, as his hand is “practically useless” at present.

“It is awful not being able to do things one takes for granted, such as tying your shoelaces or even putting your arm around a girl. I’m not a religious person, but I pray that it won’t always be like this,” he explained.

Cox is trying to remain positive though.

“I feel extremely lucky that, despite having had a very big stroke, at present it seems that the lasting problems are only physical,” he said. “I count my blessings that my mind and speech have not been affected. In fact, I feel lucky to be alive at all.”

Despite suffering the stroke, Cox says he is having to pay for treatment himself, as the free physiotherapy provided by the National Health Service is not substantial enough.

“My recovery depends on the amount of physiotherapy I receive,” he said. “The NHS can only provide me with two hours a week, which they have admitted is less than ideal. So I decided to supplement my NHS treatment with private physiotherapy each week. This is expensive, but I feel that for any chance of a full recovery I have to pay.”

After Cox became ill, The Long Blondes mutually decided to split up.

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