The Rakes host own club

We Start Fires will play

The Rakes will host their own club event in London on November 9.

SeOne Club will feature eight bands, including The Rakes and We Start Fires.

Singer Alan Donohue said: “It’s a dream you’re outside a club with all your friends, entering you discover the best DJ’s and the newest cool bands in the UK. You drink ‘n’ dance and meet the boy/girl of your dreams.

“It’s the perfect club and then The Rakes headline the whole lot. You wet your pants. It’s not a dream. You’re at the best night ever, watching The Rakes holding hands with the lover of your dreams… and you’ve wet yourself.”

The Metros and The Ghost Frequency will also play. Adventures In The Beetroot Field are set to DJ.

The Specials legend Terry Hall and The Filthy Dukes will DJ.

Tickets will go on sale tomorrow (September 5).

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