The Rolling Stones hint at 2013 tour

Mick Jagger discusses rumours of festival appearances

The Rolling Stones have hinted that they would like to play more live shows in 2013, saying that their shows at the end of 2012 were “not enough”.

Mick Jagger revealed how, after their brief run of gigs in London, New York and New Jersey at the tail end of 2012, the band are in fine form and keen to get back on onto the stage to continue performing. Speaking in an interview with Rolling Stone, Jagger said: “I’m going to see what’s on the table and discuss it with everyone. We’ll announce it when we’ve figured it out.”

“Really, all you’re going to have to do is wait for an announcement,” Keith Richards added, saying the London and New York gigs “went like a dream, at the same speed, man. But we barely got off the starting blocks.” he said. Adding: “It would be dopey to bring things up to this level and say, ‘Well, that’s that, 50 years, bye-bye.'”

“I always said that we’d see how this would go, and then we’d think about doing more – or not. Keith and Ronnie say things to the press,” Jagger added, “because that’s their line. They don’t say, ‘Oh, I think about it carefully.’ But they think about it as carefully as Charlie and I do. The reality is they are as tentative as anybody else.”

Quizzed on the subject of 2013 gigs, Jagger continued: “That will definitely come into the equation. At the same time, a gig’s a gig. The curtain opens and there you are. I just get the feeling – they’re itching at the bit now. This thing wasn’t enough.”

Meanwhile, Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood recently claimed that the band will “Rock till they drop“.