Is this the strangest merch ever?

The Rolling Stones‘ former bassist Bill Wyman is launching his own metal detector.

The Bill Wyman Signature Detector is a lightweight and adjustable implement and comes with a free informational DVD, according to the press release for the unlikely piece of rock ‘n’ roll merchandise.

The star, who quit the Stones in 1993, issued a statement explaining why he had decided to lend his name to the detector.

“Metal-detecting is not just for anoraks or eccentrics; it’s probably the best and the most enjoyable way of learning about our history,” he said. “On any garden, country field, footpath, woodlands, beach or moorland you can find a huge variety of historical objects, all easily located with this high quality metal detector.”

Wyman added: “I hope with this new detector that more people take up the adventure and delight in personally discovering our nation’s history.”

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