The Smiths’ Andy Rourke leaves band with Mani and Peter Hook

Freebass becomes two bass as founder moves to New York

The SmithsAndy Rourke has announced he will not be touring in the band he formed with fellow bassist Mani and Peter Hook.

The trio put togethr Freebass with former Haven singer Gary Briggs, but according to the band’s official website he is no longer involved with the group.

It explains that: “Andy Rourke was initially involved in the conception of the group and contributed to the EP and a few tracks on the LP. He is now living in NYC [New York] and will not be joining the band for live dates.”

Despite the band’s name appearing to be a pun based on the fact the group featured three famous bassists, it seems they are not set to change their name.

Freebass‘ debut album ‘It’s A Beautiful Life’ is available digitally.