John Squire inundated with Stone Roses ticket requests

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Former guitarist speaks of frustration at reunion rumours

The Stone RosesJohn Squire has spoken of his frustration at having to repeatedly answer rumours about the possibility of the band’s reunion – which reached fever pitch with his family members asking him for gig tickets.

Earlier in the year it was strongly rumoured that the seminal Manchester band would reunite, but Squire later said that there was no chance he will play with Ian Brown (vocals), Mani (bass) and Reni (drums) again.

“I was becoming more frustrated as the rumour grew,” Squire told BBC News. “I kept getting calls – ‘Is it true, is it not?’. The wife was getting calls and my cousin’s kids were asking me for tickets.”

The guitarist went on to reveal that he has an unfinished new solo album waiting in the wings – but he is so sick of music in general he has no plans to release it.

“I was playing some of the best guitar I’ve heard myself play [on the unfinished album],” he said. “But just the thought of packaging it for public consumption, touring it, putting a band together, didn’t appeal to me.”

Remastered versions of The Stone Roses‘ 1989 self-titled debut album are set to be released on August 10.

The band are also reissuing a series of classic singles on seven-inch and as downloads, with a fan-driven Facebook campaign already hoping to push ‘Fools Gold’ up the charts on its release.

Click below to see video footage of frontman Ian Brown discussing the recording of the album.