The Streets cover Razorlight

Mike Skinner has the 'Golden Touch' in the studio

The Streets have covered Razorlight’s ’Golden Touch’ on a new ‘in the studio’ video.

A bearded Mike Skinner is seen playing the track on acoustic guitar before he launches into a version of his own ’Fit But You Know It’.

The video can be seen below, and shows Skinner discussing The Streets‘ fourth album from inside the studio The Fat Control Room.

In the clip, Skinner admits that 2006’s ’The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living’ “didn’t do that well”.

Skinner mentions the new album is recorded with all live instruments including guitars, piano, trumpets, flute and harp. Lyrically he says the songs are “stories about people and places that could have existed since the beginning of time”.

Skinner also says there are songs about “A guy who’s about to jump off a cliff, a kid whose dad tells him to flip a coin to decided what to do next and another song which has no rhythm”.

“I’m trying to do stuff I’ve never done before,” explained the rapper of the new lyrics. “Genuine predicaments that people have always been in.”

On the decision to record live, Skinner said: “I wanted to make it sound like I changed so it didn’t just sound like my beats. I wanted to make an album that felt like things had changed in the world of Mike Skinner.”

He added that he “desperate to get this album out by this Christmas”.