The Strokes on Obama win: ‘It felt like being freed from prison’

Bassist Nikolai Fraiture reacts to last night's victory

The Strokes bassist-turned-solo artist Nikolai Fraiture has described last night’s win by Democrat Barack Obama as feeling like being freed from prison.

In an interview with NME.COM, Fraiture told how he watched the US general election results come in via computer and was shocked at how quickly Obama‘s victory was declared.

“I watched the election at home with my wife, Regina Spektor and her cousin Anna. I don’t have a TV so we huddled around my computer every now and then during dinner,” he said.

“When the cheering outside was lasting longer than usual, I went to the computer, looked up at everyone and in a fit of joy announced the crushing victory. We could not believe how fast it happened, as opposed to four years ago when I stayed up alone until 5am as, in the confusion, a decision had strangely not yet been reached.”

Fraiture, who is gearing up for the release of his debut solo album ‘Time Of The Assassins’, also says he filmed the historic evening, feeling an immense relief that the majority voted Democrat, feelings that were reflected on the streets of his West Village neighbourhood: “We all filmed each other’s reactions because it felt like finally having been freed after eight years in prison.

“Outside my window we could see people with huge American flags racing against traffic in the middle of the streets.”

Fraiture compared watching Obama‘s comments following the announcement to seeing a present day speech by John F. Kennedy.

“Afterwards, we went to my local bar where we watched the victory speech on a big screen. It felt like watching a John F. Kennedy speech in real time. Later, I ended up at another bar with Mark Ronson who had just voted for the first time, as he recently became a US citizen. At 5am, feeling more than a bit tipsy, I thought to myself, ‘This is definitely better than four years ago’.

“Immediately after the result, it was a feeling of elation for America as everyone jumped for joy in the streets and in the bars. I just hope that the next four years are not going to feel like the inevitable hangover.”

–By our New York staff.

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