The View’s Kyle Falconer: ‘I want to appear in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar”

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Frontman has his eye on the part of Judas, apparently

The View singer Kyle Falconer has claimed he wants to appear in Jesus Christ Superstar.

The frontman said he’s had his eye on the part of Judas in the West End musical since being shown the film version of the show as a child.

Speaking to the Daily Record, Falconer said he was “intrigued” by the show.

“I thought Judas made a better point. He has better tunes as well. He is a deranged character and I’d love to play him,” he commented.

Falconer went on to claim he once auditioned for the part in an amateur production of the show – but was knocked back. He said he may think about going for a part in a similar production again “in a few years”.

Bandmate Pete Reilly backed Falconer‘s claims, stating that the singer used to bring the film round to his house when they were both children.

Kyle sings the songs from the musical when he’s with his mates. Whenever he’s got a couple of bevvies in him, he sings it and does the actions in the back of the bus,” the guitarist commented.