The Who’s Keith Moon to be honoured with ‘blue plaque’

Tribute will appear at site of Marquee Club in London

The Who‘s late drummer Keith Moon is to be honoured with a “blue plaque” at one of the former sites of London‘s Marquee Club, the legendary venue that played host to a number of his famous kit-trashing performances.

The plaque will be unveiled by Moon‘s former bandmates Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend at a ceremony in March.

The tribute follows a campaign by Moon‘s fans, who disagreed with English Heritage‘s refusal to acknowledge his place in music history, according to The Independent.

English Heritage had apparently refused to sanction a plaque due to Moon‘s legendary hell-raising.

However, the Heritage Foundation has brokered a deal with Westminster City Council to do the job instead.

Keith has been overlooked but was such a character – you don’t get characters like him any more. We were delighted to organise a plaque for Keith, and the Marquee is the perfect place because it was at the centre of the rock gigs in London,” David Graham, a trustee of the charity, told the newspaper.

A spokesperson for English Heritage told the newspaper that “only the most outstanding historical figures” came through the shortlisting process for plaques.