Tinie Tempah admits to getting ‘Frisky’ to his own music – Tabloid Hell

Rapper speaks about 'intimate moment'

Tinie Tempah has admitted that he recently enjoyed an “intimate moment” with a lady while listening to his own music – but not intentionally.

The Brit rapper has chatted to The Sun about his lovemaking habits, revealing that to set the mood he flicks his iPod onto shuffle mode and lets the tunes flow. However, during one sexy session recently his own tune ‘Wifey’ ended up blaring out of the speakers.

“I was having an intimate moment with a lady friend and I’d put the iPod on shuffle,” he explained. “It’s a nice mix of different types of music, some fast and some slow. It works well for the situation.”

He added: “But suddenly ‘Wifey’ comes on. And the lady is looking at me like, ‘Did you plan this to happen? Is this something that turns you on more?’ I could see it in her eyes that this moment was awkward for me and a turn-off for her.

“I was reaching out trying to change tracks but we were kind of entwined so in the end I just to decided to let it play on and we continued. It was only three minutes of a 20-hour session. Joking on last bit.”

While his tune ‘Frisky’ may have been a more appropriate number to fumble around to, Tinie added that he was more worried that Dolly Parton‘s ‘Here You Come Again’ would come on next.