Man pleads guilty to supplying cocaine in Tulisa drugs trial

Singer and former 'X Factor' judge denies involvement in brokering the drug deal

The man standing trial alongside Tulisa Contostavlos in drug related charges has pleaded guilty to supplying cocaine to an undercover tabloid journalist.

Tulisa Contostavlos was arrested following tabloid newspaper reports that claimed she was involved in an £860 cocaine deal. Contostavlos and co-defendant Michael Coombs both pleaded not guilty at a previous hearing.

Earlier today (July 14), Coombs admitted the charge in an appearance at Southwark Crown Court. Coombs is also known under the rap pseudonym Mike GLC and has been bailed, reports BBC News. He will be sentenced at the end of Contostavlos’ trial.

A jury is due to be sworn in today with the prosecution due to open the trial on Tuesday.