Singer promised 'a gem from the depths of my father's life and a stone from the recent corners of mine'

Twin Shadow has enlisted his dad to support him on his forthcoming US tour by reading stories to the audience.

The US singer – who released his second album ‘Confess’ back in July 2012, has announced that his forthcoming Stateside tour will have the theme ‘True Story’, Pitchfork reports.

On each date, either Twin Shadow (real name George Lewis Jr) or his father will take to the stage to tell the audience a story. “A gem from the depths of my father’s life and a stone from the recent corners of mine,” he promised in a statement.

He continues: “My father told me great stories my whole life, I often wonder if his stories influenced the way I write music. When talk came up of Twin Shadow hitting the road this year I thought again about how we could make each show special, how each city could have a unique piece of Twin Shadow.”

The singer also shared a story on his website – titled ‘Dirty Charles’ which describes an ill-fated drunken swim through the Charles River in Boston.

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