The Edge: ‘U2 are not tax evaders’

Guitarist says accusations about band's financial affairs are 'possibly libellous'

U2 are not tax evaders, as a band or individually, according to their guitarist The Edge.

The musician – real name David Evans – has spoken out about accusations that the Irish rockers are avoiding paying tax by basing part of their business operations in Holland.

His comments were sparked by Simon Moroney, a US federal worker, who voiced his views about the band’s financial affairs in a letter to the Baltimore Sun earlier this month (July 7).

Specifically, Moroney criticised Maryland Senator Benjamin Cardin for supporting frontman Bono‘s anti-poverty campaign ONE. He said the singer “exemplifies the worst characteristics of Wall Street, both for excess and tax evasion”.

Penning his own missive to the newspaper, The Edge said that suggesting Bono and co are involved in tax evasion is “possibly libellous”.

“For the record, U2 and the individual band members have a totally clean record with every jurisdiction to which they are required to pay tax and have never been and will never be involved in tax evasion,” The Edge said.

He continued: “U2 and its members have paid many, many millions of dollars in taxes to the United States Internal Revenue Service over the years.”

His remarks came after campaigners Art Uncut launched a protest about the band’s finances during their headline set at Glastonbury last month (June 24).

Violence broke out in the crowd when a festival security team reportedly wrestled the protestors to the ground, after they floated a banned with the message “U pay tax 2?”.