Hackney club Shapes closes due to rape allegations

The club reportedly failed to deliver CCTV footage when requested

Hackney club Shapes has shut down in response to rape allegations which date back to March of this year.

Owner Seb Glover has reportedly surrendered his licence ahead of a town hall meeting on Tuesday (July 26) after police called for the venue to be shut down.

According to FACT, the alleged attack took place in March during Kinky Salon London, a private party that aims to create a safe space for attendees socialize, dance and engage in sex and BDSM activities.


As FACT points out, owner Seb Glover failed to deliver CCTV footage, with Licensing officer Sgt. Guy Hicks believing the cameras were not recording; he added that the interaction gave him “serious concerns” about Glover’s management.

Hicks said in a report, “I have never had a venue premise license holder make such cynical attempts to avoid giving investigating officers CCTV.”

Shapes have denied Hackney Police’s claim. Writing an email to FACT, Glover said that the alleged attack was reported three weeks later, not days later.

“Furthermore, the event was private and so was not running under its premises license, so the CCTV was handed in voluntarily to the investigating officer,” he added.

In a statement, Shapes said police had failed to view the CCTV by June 9, seven weeks after it was handed over on April 23. “Therefore, it cannot be said that Shapes has hindered the criminal investigation for not releasing the CCTV sooner.”