Death metal band to play in airtight cube until they run out of oxygen

Unfathomable Ruination will repeat London stunt for almost a month

Death metal band Unfathomable Ruination are to play in an air-tight, soundproof cube until they run out of oxygen – repeating the feat three nights a week from July 3 until August 1.

The performances, held outside London landmark The Gherkin at 6pm every Wednesday to Friday, will be inaudible to the public and are part of an installation titled ‘Box Sized Die’ by Portugese artist João Onofre.

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Onofre said: “The performance’s duration is limited to the length of time in which oxygen is expended. Outside the cube, viewers observe its strange vibrations, only viewing the band’s entrance and exit to the performance space.”

London five-piece Unfathomable Ruination formed in 2011 and have released two albums, ‘Musical Album’ and ‘Misshapen Congenital Entropy’. The video for their song ‘Carved Inherent Delusion’ can be seen below.