Promoter Vince Power criticises ‘vindictive’ PRS following live music ban

Man behind Hop Farm and Benicassim festivals was hit with High Court ruling earlier this week

Vince Power has accused the Performing Rights Society of being “vindictive” after he was banned from staging live music earlier this week.

As reported, the live music mogul was hit with the ban after it emerged he had run the Hop Farm Festival between 2009-2012 without a PRS licence.

In a statement released after the ban was announced, Power hit out at the PRS and claimed that in fact it is they who owe musicians money and urged any artists who are owed money by the licensing company to contact him. Power also claimed that the money he owed was “minuscule” in comparison to that which he had paid during his career as a live-music promoter.

Power released the following statement (via Digital Spy): “I am angry and disappointed that PRS have not contacted me by post, email or telephone. To say that I am banned from staging live music events for the sake of 7K, is damaging to my career.

“In light of the long strained relationship I have with them, I can only see this as PRS being vindictive and a means of deflection for what I see as the real problem within PRS – they have a long list of artists that are owed money which they do not pay.

“I am very happy for any artists who have been chasing PRS unsuccessfully to contact me to see if there is a way we can group together and get the money they are owed.”

Power also states that any money outstanding would have been paid by the administrators for Power’s company Music Festivals plc, which went into administration nearly two years ago.