Metronomy and Slow Club receive taxpayer money in bid to aid British success abroad

Other artists included in Music Export Growth Scheme include Bo Ningen, Band of Skulls and Dinosaur Pile-Up

Band including Metronomy and Slow Club have been selected to receive Government funding designed to aid British success abroad.

Trade Minister Lord Livingston is behind the scheme, which has seen £550,000 of public money invested in the “Music Export Growth Scheme” administered by UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) and the BPI.

The Independent reports Livingston has selected a list of 14 acts to receive grants of up to £50,000, with Band of Skulls, Dinosaur Pile-Up and Bo Ningen also benefitting from the investment.

The grants are not loans and the government is trusting the artists receiving them to spend the money wisely to boost their profile overseas. Lord Livingston was aided by a panel of music industry experts representing independent labels in making the decision. The success of bands such as Mumford and Sons, Bastille and London Grammar abroad have been cited as the example to follow for the beneficiaries.

Like most artists on the list, Bo Ningen (pictured right) used their share of the money to fund touring expenses and put their share toward appearances at the Austin Psych Festival and Coachella in the US. Meanwhile, Liverpool singer-songwriter Charli Taft is using the money to attend Writing Camps in Copenhagen, Seoul and LA.

Lord Livingston will make £2.5 million available for British artists over the next two years under the scheme and argues that success abroad benefits the UK economy as a whole. “From The Beatles to Adele to Mumford & Sons, Britannia rules the airwaves and sells more records around the world than almost any other country. This exporting strength brings jobs and economic growth to the UK and the Music Export Growth Scheme lets up-and-coming British artists up the tempo on the international stage.”

However, not everybody agrees with the scheme, with British band Los Campesinos! posting negatively on Twitter about the scheme and the bands who have accepted the grants.

In a series of messages posted on the social media site, the band wrote: “This is vile. Music biz at its worst. No bands ‘need’ this money.” Adding: “Before bands look elsewhere for cash, they need to make sure they’re doing best they can off their own backs.”

The full list of artists who have been picked by Lord Livingston is as follows:

Band of Skulls
Bo Ningen
Charli Taft
Christian Gregory
Dinosaur Pile-Up
Julia Biel
Lulu James
Savage Messiah
Skinny Lister
Slow Club
Smoke Fairies
Young Fathers