One-quarter of Spotify tracks skipped within five seconds, study shows

The odds of a user playing a song to the end is only 50/50 according to the survey

One-quarter of all tracks played on streaming service Spotify are skipped within just five seconds, according to a recent study.

Analysis company The Echo Nest discovered the results after processing billions of plays from users of the streaming service from around the world. The company looked closely at skipping levels amongst the service’s users – a skip being any time a song is changed before it’s finished.

The study found that on average a user skips a song every four minutes – with a 48.6 per cent chance that every song will be skipped before it ends.

Male and female users had similar attention spans when it came to skipping tracks, however the study found that mobile users were 10 per cent more likely to skip a track than those listening on desktop computers.

Teenagers were found to have the highest song-skipping rate – over 50 per cent – however adults in their late forties and above were shown to have a similarly high level.

Read the full study here.