New proposal suggests all albums worldwide be released on a Friday

Currently, different territories release albums on different days of the week

Talks that could see albums across the globe released on the same day each week are underway, with industry sources confirming that the procedure is likely to begin in July 2015.

As it stands, albums have a different street date in different regions. The UK releases on a Monday, whereas records hit shelves on a Tuesday in the US and a Friday in Australia. It has now been proposed that there be a global street date, meaning that albums would be released on a standardized day each week in all parts of the world.

The idea is largely in response to an attempt to cut down on global piracy resulting from albums being available illegally on the internet before their official release date.

The proposed universal date will see albums released on a Friday reports Billboard, however some smaller labels have opposed the idea, stating that they benefit from having new releases earlier in the week as it helps sell more CDs.

Although the idea is yet to be fully confirmed, sources from the IFPI (which represents the recording industry worldwide) and the RIAA (the Recording Industry Association of America) state that the decision is likely to be approved.