Hop Farm organiser Vince Power banned from staging live music events

Promoter ran Kent festival for three years without copyright from the Performing Rights Society for Music

A High Court ruling has banned Vince Power, the man behind Hop Farm festival, from staging live music after he was found to be operating without a license.

The legal action was taken by the Performing Rights Society for Music. The court heard how promoter Power did not have the relevant copyright from the PRS to play live music at Hop Farm between 2009-2012. It was claimed the promoter did not defend and, as a result, the judge made the order in his absence.

Power started Hop Farm in 2008 after enjoying success with the Mean Fiddler club in London. He was also involved in promoting Spain’s Benicassim Festival. The court heard that around 68 PRS registered artists, including Florence + The Machine and Paul Weller, appeared at Hop Farm in the three years between 2009 and 2012.

BBC News reports that in addition to banning Power from playing music in public until he brings his licences up to date, the judge also ordered the promoter to pay £7,987 in legal costs. Power could face extra costs and a possible prison sentence if he does not obey the ban.

A spokesperson from PRS said: “A licence is required for any event except a family or domestic gathering, such as a wedding reception or birthday party.”

Click below to watch an interview with Power prior to Hop Farm festival in 2011.