College launches course to help wannabe pop stars win ‘The X Factor’

The 17-week course will teach students how reach the dizzy career heights of Shayne Ward and Steve Brookstein

Students, put down your books now. A UK college has launched a course designed to prepare wannabe pop stars to pass the audition stage of The X Factor.

Bishop Auckland College is offering a 17-week course, which ends just before the audition stage of the programme starts. For just £95, wannabe Shayne Wards and Steve Brooksteins will get tuition in singing and performing as well as coaching on how to be confident in front of the judges.

Mike Jinks, the College’s head of Art, Music and Performing Arts at, said: “I wanted to run a course which prepared people for X Factor auditions and similar competitions across the country.”

He added: “People auditioning also need to know that the ones who succeed on X Factor don’t just walk in there blind. It’s not about just wandering in, singing a song and you’re famous. Most applicants have been doing the rounds for years working really hard – it’s very rare that you get a Susan Boyle character.”

“There are plenty of colleges running this qualification but as far as I’m aware none of them have designed the course around The X Factor,” he said.