Spotify to launch in the US today (July 14)

Music streaming service will make its Stateside debut this afternoon

Spotify has announced it will be launching in the USA today (July 14).

The website, which allows users to stream music for free for up to 10 hours without paying and for unlimited use with a monthly subscription fee in the UK, has long been lining up a launch in the US, but has faced lengthy negotiations with major record labels in order to do so.

However, the service has now issued a statement on its official website which says that users in the US will be able to sign up for the service by subscription and invitation from 8am (EST) today.

The company, which was recently valued at $1 billion, now has over 1.6 million paying subscribers in Europe and is currently raising capital for further investment.

Launching in the UK in autumn 2008, last year Spotify had paid out €45m (£38.5m) to record labels in the seven European countries in which the service is available.