Microsoft to launch ‘Xbox Music’ service this year

New service with launch in autumn with 11 million songs

Microsoft is set to launch a new music service for their Xbox console this year.

The streaming service, known simply as Xbox Music, was announced by the company’s CEO Steve Ballmer yesterday (July 11) at a Microsoft partners event in the US.

Ballmer said that it would utilise the voice sense controller Bing, allowing users to use voice commands to search for individual songs to locate and access entertainment content on the console. This includes Zune music which has a catalog of more than 11 million tracks, according to

The new service is the gaming and technology giant’s next step into the music market, following on from the launch of the Zune Marketplace for Xbox 360, the movies and TV platform to which they added music last year.

Xbox Music will launch in autumn and available through the Xbox Live community, although a specific date, along with pricing structures, have yet to be announced.