Facebook music service rumoured to be named ‘Facebook Vibes’

Internet hacker claims to have seen details of long awaited streaming service

An internet blogger has allegedly revealed details of the much anticipated Facebook music service.

The Huffington Post reports that a software developer claims to have unearthed a computing code called Facebook Vibes that links to a music download page.

On his blog, the hacker, who is named as Jeff Rose, has revealed how he stumbled across the find while downloading a file from the social media giant.

Rose says that the Vibes text points to a page called ‘Music Download Dialog’ which might be the beginning of the much talked about Facebook music service.

The rumours of a new music service date way back to October 2008 when the New York Post revealed that Facebook was plotting to match MySpace’s output.

In May, it was reported that Facebook was in talks with Spotify to integrate their service into the website. According to reports, users would be able to see a Spotify icon on the left side of the newsfeed.

The news comes after founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that the site would be introducing a new video calling service. Users will be able to access this without the need for new passwords or accounts and has been developed after a tie up with Skype.