Digital download site conducts own study on its users

Bandcamp, an online music store, has claimed its service is helping to cut down on music piracy.

The company posted a blog stating that their users are finding and purchasing music from their site after originally being directed from a google search for pirated music.

The blog read:

For example, just this morning someone paid $10 for an album after Googling ‘lelia broussard torrent’. A bit later, a fan plunked down $17 after searching for ‘murder by death, skeletons in the closet, mediafire’. Then a fan made a $12 purchase after clicking a link on music torrent tracker What.CD

It continued: “We see these sales as proof that Bandcamp can effectively compete with file-sharing and other free distribution platforms by a) giving fans a clear, easy way to directly support the artist, and b) offering them a better user experience.”

The website also boasted about the money its service made for artists selling their music. It said Bandcamp contributed 22% of overall sales of music and merchandise for the artists featured on the site.

Bandcamp was founded in 2008 and is an online music store for, mainly, independent artists and labels.