No new ‘Xbox Music’ service from Microsoft this year

Electronics giant says that yesterday's reports were inaccurate

Microsoft have issued a statement saying that there is no new Xbox Music service launching this year after all.

It was reported yesterday (July 12) that the electronics giant would be launching a new streaming service in the autumn, housing a catalogue of over 11 million songs.

However, the electronics giant has been moved to speak out saying that the reports are not true, according to

The statement reads: “Reports that Microsoft is launching a new music service on Xbox this fall are inaccurate. A recent demonstration of upcoming Xbox features showcased what we will deliver later this fall on Xbox, including voice search with Bing on Xbox to locate and access entertainment content on the console. This includes Zune music which has a catalogue of more than 11 million tracks.”

It transpires that Microsoft will simply be expanding the existing Zune music marketplace, adding voice search functionality with its remote Kinect controller.

At the E3 conference in May, the company revealed a new Xbox 360 dashboard layout with TV, movie and music content.