Grammy Awards set for radical overhaul

US music ceremony is to go 'gender blind'

The Grammy Awards are set to be radically revamped in a bid to simplify the US ceremony.

The number of categories in the annual music celebration will be reduced from 109 to 78, with many categories being merged and some dropped completely.

However, under the new rules, each category must now start out with at least 40 contenders instead of 25, according to BBC News.

Grammy President Neil Portnow said: “It ups the game in terms of what it takes to receive a Grammy.”

Changes include a merge of separate male and female categories in the fields of pop, R&B and country.

Portnow continued: “A great singer is a great singer, and somebody that has a gift in terms of their voice, and is at the top of their game in terms of delivery and emotion, really isn’t necessarily defined by gender.”