Lady Gaga, Billy Corgan pay tribute to Alexander McQueen on Twitter

Courtney Love, Boy George, Katy Perry also honour fashion designer

Alexander McQueen, the celebrated fashion designer loved by the music world, died yesterday (February 12). Musicians including Lady Gaga, Courtney Love and Billy Corgan have been paying tribute to him via Twitter.

Here’s some of the tributes that musicians have Tweeted since news of McQueen‘s death broke.

Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins: “RIP Alexander McQueen, a beautiful soul and a genius at so many things.”

Lady Gaga posted up a picture of her with McQueen.

Sean Lennon: “Rest In Peace Alexander McQueen. Maybe was the greatest living designer. The fashion world plunges deeper every day.”

Katy Perry: “Rest In Peace Alexander McQueen. Just woke up, so sad.”

Boy George: “Very, very sad news about Lee McQueen, he was a genius, such tragic news. RIP!”

Little Boots: “Oh my goodness just heard about Alexander McQueen so sad I can’t believe it”

Kanye West: “McQueen… So devastating.. He was a genius… He was so important and special…. We lost an angel! RIP McQueen

The Duke Spirit: “RIP Lee x You are a true flame x”

Courtney Love: “Poor Lee McQueen. I really tried to help him long ago I feel really bad I found a pair of tights today and they were Lee‘s, I felt morbid”

Estelle: “RIP. Alexander McQueen. Truly creative genius. Super dope. Wow.”