Two Chinese singers fined for miming at gig

Fang Ziyuan and Yin Youcan fined following Chengdu show

Two Chinese singers have been fined for miming during a gig in Chengdu – marking the first time such a fine has been imposed in the country.

Singers Fang Ziyuan and Yin Youcan were both fined 50,000 Yuan (£4,760) for lip-synching at the gig, which took place last year, reports BBC News.

The new rules about lip-synching in the country came into force following a scandal at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

During the opening ceremony a young girl mimed a song after the original girl cast was not deemed to be attractive enough to appear live.

The two singers, who described themselves as backing singers, branded their fines “unfair”, while it has been rumoured online that Chinese authorities stil allow some more established artists to mime live.

Meanwhile Bob Dylan was recently banned from playing a series of gigs in China – prompting him to scrap a south Asia tour.