Rapper C-Murder ordered to jail until murder trial begins

He broke the rules of house arrest

Rapper C-Murder has been ordered to jail until his murder trial after he broke the terms of his house arrest.

The rapper, whose real name is Corey Miller, appeared in court in Louisiana in shackles and a jumpsuit while State District Judge Hans Liljeberg doubled his bond to $1 million dollars on a second degree murder charge.

Miller has been on house arrest for three years, staying with his grandmother. He left her house for a few minutes at a time on several occasions, reports the Associated Press.

Miller’s trial is set to begin on April 20 for the murder of teenager Steve Thomas who was killed during a 2002 brawl at a nightclub in Harvey, LA.

An electronic monitor alerted the local Sheriff’s office that Miller had left the house at 3am. Sheriff deputy Mike Dawson called the house 17 minutes later, and Miller’s fiancee, Sabrina Green, answered the phone.

She reportedly handed the portable phone to Miller and over the course of the conversation, Dawson said he heard the electronic monitor sound an alert that indicated that Miller had just re-entered the house.

Miller’s grandmother, cousin, aunt and fiancée all said he was asleep in bed when Dawson called.

His lawyer said a technical malfunction caused the alarm to go off.

Last month prosecutors requested that Miller be jailed, saying he had broken the terms of his house arrest five times since October. The judge said he was unsure about the reliability of the electronic monitoring system and allowed him to remain at his grandmother’s house.

–By our New York staff.
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