Man dies after catching anthrax from drums

Fernando Gomez had been working with imported animal skins

A drum-maker has died after inhaling anthrax spores from imported animal skins.

Fernando Gomez from Hackney, London, was admitted to Homerton Hospital last week and died yesterday (November 2).

Gomez had been preparing the skins in his home when he inhaled the anthrax spores, reports The Independent. Seven people who were in the same room as Gomez while he was working with the skins have been given antibiotics as a precautionary measure.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) are currently investigating where the skins may have originated from, and have sealed off Gomez‘s flat.

According to Professor Nigel Lightfoot, the chief adviser to the HPA, those who live near Gomez‘ flat or workshop are not at risk as a result of the incident.