Krautrock legend Michael Rother defends Oasis for ‘Brand Neu!’ compilation ‘beating’

Gallagher brothers' inclusion on the compilation was justified, he says

Neu! founder member Michael Rother has defended the inclusion of Oasis track ‘I Can See It Now’ on a compilation album paying tribute to the seminal krautrockers.

Speaking about ‘Brand Neu!’, which was released in May, Rother told The Quietus that he felt the compilation was criticised unfairly because the Oasis track was included on it.

“I very much enjoyed listening to that compilation,” he said. “To be honest, I also quite like the Oasis track. I mention that because I read in some reviews that they got a bit of a beating.”

He went on to reveal that he saw elements of Neu! in Oasis‘ single ‘The Shock Of The Lightning’.

“When I heard that Oasis single ‘The Shock Of The Lightning’, I immediately understood the idea behind that, the fast-forward movement, the strong surge in combination with a Beatles-esque sound. To me that’s an interesting combination, Neu! crossed with The Beatles ideas.”

Rother, who has worked with Brian Eno, Can, Kraftwerk and Harmonia, commented that he wasn’t impressed with the whole Brand Neu! album, which also features the likes of Foals, Kasabian and Primal Scream.

“Some of the bands on ‘Brand Neu!’ don’t impress me that much. I would have liked to have Fuck Buttons on there,” he noted, adding that he sees a lot of Neu! in the Bristol duo. “I think the approach they take on their music is similar to our approach in the ’70s, to change everything, to modify everything to make new combinations.”