Charge your iPod with ‘wireless electricity’

Futuristic invention set to be demonstrated in Las Vegas

Scientists have invented a form of ‘wireless electricity’ that could be used to power iPods and laptops in the future.

The technology means that you could charge your phone, computer or MP3 player without having to plug it in, as electricity would be sent using lasers.

There could even be ‘electricity hotspots’, similar to WiFi internet hotspots, where you could charge your gadgets in a café or bar wirelessly, reports The Observer.

Speakers and digital picture frames are set to be used to demonstrate ‘wireless power’ at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

David Grahamp is the co-founder of PowerBeam, the company behind the technology, and told The Observer: “We’re going to delete the word ‘recharge’ from the English dictionary. If your cellphone is recharging on your desk all day, you won’t be thinking about it.”