Legendary country guitarist Jerry Reed dies

Grammy award winning singer and actor passed away in a hospice

Singer-cum-actor Jerry Reed, who was known as ‘The Guitar Man’ of country music, has passed away aged 71.

Reed, who released over 40 albums and won three Grammy Awards during his career, including two collaborations with Chet Atkins, died on Monday (September 1) after he suffered complications arising from emphysema.

The performer played with the likes of Joan Baez and Ringo Starr during his lifetime, and was a hit at the cinema when he appeared in all three ‘Smokey And The Bandit’ films.

Speaking to the BBC, singer and guitarist Brad Paisley praised Reed, saying: “Anyone who picks a country guitar knows of his mastery of the instrument – one of the most inspirational stylists in the history of country music, a complete master.”

He added: “I’m in debt to him for paving the way for myself and the other guitarists of today.”