Vengaboys react to viral video of Cheltenham’s spontaneous ‘Boom Boom Boom Boom’ street dance

Revellers had been caught on camera dancing to the track in the middle of the road

Vengaboys have reacted to a viral video showing a spontaneous street dance to their song ‘Boom Boom Boom Boom’.

The song was the soundtrack to the impromptu event, which took place on Sunday (June 4) in Cheltenham. The track was originally released in 1999, but was re-released this month.

Revellers in the Gloucestershire town were caught on camera as five cars with speakers strapped to their roofs pulled up in road blasting the song and starting a dance party. Some present were climbing on the bonnet of one of the car.

The video has since gone viral and has now been seen by the Dutch Eurodance group. They responded to the clip on Twitter, writing: “We absolutely [love] this!!!” They also included the double high five emoji in their tweet.

Speaking to Gloucestershire Live, Kieran Chapman, one of the instigators of the event said: “We were just messing about, and we thought we would do something to bring people together. One of my friends is a DJ so we put some speakers on the roof of my car.

“They were jumping on my car, but I didn’t care – there was no damage.”