Wiley also caught in Lil’ Wayne style ‘BBC News’ hoax

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Internet death rumours strike across the Atlantic

Wiley has reassured fans that he is not dead following a spate of hoax internet news reports erroneously claiming that he had died after being stabbed.

The London grime artist posted a message – “I AM NOT DEAD” – on his MySpace page, myspace.com/eskiboywiley, after a mock article composed in the style of a BBC News article wrongly reported his demise.

The news follows a similar hoax yesterday (November 2), also designed to look like a BBC site, that reported incorrectly that US rapper Lil Wayne had died.

Speaking to BBC Radio One‘s Tim Westwood, Wiley‘s manager Suge said: “Wiley‘s totally OK, he just said to say, ‘I’m in the studio, recording a new tune’.

“Knowing Wiley, he’ll probably make a tune about it [the fake reports].”

Despite the denial, some Wiley fans had fallen for the hoax. “We’ve had people crying today about this situation and I think that that’s really sad,” Suge continued.

He added: “It is upsetting but I just believe the person who’s done it is obviously a sad individual to be putting such rumours like that out there.”