Will.i.am accidentally addresses Manchester as London at One Love tribute concert

The producer/rapper was quick to quash the rumours that he mistook Manchester for London.

During the Black Eyed Peas collaboration with Ariana Grande at last night’s One Love Manchester concert, social media blew up when people thought they heard will.i.am address Manchester as London.

Black Eyed Peas joined Ariana Grande for a rendition of ‘Where Is The Love?’, however, when the rapper/producer took the stage, he addressed the crowd as the wrong city, saying clearly: “What’s up? What’s up London?’.

Watch video footage of the mistake below, as reported by Digital Spy.

Following the performance, will.i.am took to Twitter to clear any misunderstanding that he believed the One Love Manchester charity concert was taking place in London, not Manchester.

He wrote: “There was an attack in London last night,” he said. “I was paying homage and showing love to London and Manchester…#UKlove #whereIStheLOVE truly?”

After all, the performance was being live-streamed across the world so will.i.am could have been addressing London.

The One Love Manchester concert was a rousing success bringing in a total of £2 million for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund and contributing to the total £10 million that will go to the families that were tragically affective by the Manchester terror attack.

Visit the website to donate to One Love Manchester and check out the full set list here.

The eventful concert saw a surprise appearance from Liam Gallagher and a Chris Martin-Ariana Grande team-up for a performance of the Oasis classic ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’.