Franz Ferdinand star ‘rejoins’ The Yummy Fur at Glasgow gig

Alex Kapranos attends the gig – but only in the crowd

Franz Ferdinand‘s Paul Thomson was part of a reunion of The Yummy Fur last night (January 7) at Nice And Sleazy’s in Glasgow.

The ’90s cult band, whose members went on to form Franz Ferdinand and 1990s, reunited for their first gig in over a decade to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their old label Guided Missile.

Among the fans in the crowd were members of Mogwai, Arab Strap, Errors and Dananananaykroyd.

Although present in the audience Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos decided not to return to his former band, instead leaving the bass duties to Guided Missile label boss Paul Kearney.

Taking to the stage alongside band members Kearney and Thomson and Brian McDougall, frontman John McKeown thanked the crowd before leading the band into opener ‘Career Saver’.

Despite the sub-zero temperatures outside, the basement of the famous Glasgow club soon became hot and sweaty as fans pogoed to their favourites such as ‘Canadian Flag’ and ‘Plastic Cowboy’.

Before playing ‘Department’, McKeown introduced the song by saying: “This song is for our other bass player, who is in the crowd tonight. His name is Alex, do you remember him?” The crowd responded with loud cheers and one fan even joked, “Who’s he?”

Ending with ‘Shoot The Ridiculant’, McKeown thanked the crowd before joining the rest of his band in a group hug, as the crowd wooped and cheered.

Speaking to NME.COM after the show, McKeown, said: “It’s been the 10-year anniversary of The Yummy Fur finishing and the 15th anniversary of our old label Guided Missile, so we thought this was as good as any time to get back.

“You sometimes get these guys who come back and want to change everything to make it sound better or whatever. But tonight we just went out and had a lot of fun.”

The Yummy Fur played:

‘Career Saver’
‘Kirsty Cooper’
‘Company Of Woman’
‘St John Of The Cross’
‘Sexy World’
‘Kodak Nancy Europe’
‘Canadian Flag’
‘Roxy Girls’
‘Plastic Cowboys’
‘Chinese Bookie’
‘Shoot The Ridiculant’

The band are due to play the London Buffalo Bar tomorrow night (January 9).