Dappy 'feared for his life' after being put in headlock during garage fight

Details of incident emerge during affray trial

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N-Dubz rapper Dappy has said that he feared for his life after being put in a headlock during the fight which has seen him charged with affray.

Dappy, who has been accused in court of starting a fight at a petrol station in Surrey after spitting towards two girls who refused to get into a car with him, spoke in court yesterday about his thoughts during the fight.
The Sun reports how Dappy admitted to being scared, saying: "They had it in for me. I feared for my life. This is the worst thing in my life that ever happened."

Dappy also alleged that he had been victimised for "being famous" and that the girls he is accused of spitting at refused to believe he had recently worked with Queen guitarist Brian May. "I wanted to prove it to them. I said, 'Give it a week and you will see a video of me and him together'," Dappy told the court.

The rapper first appeared at Guildford Crown Court earlier this week (January 8) alongside three other men: Kieran Vassell, Kalonji Stewart and Alfred Miller. All four men are charged with affray.

The court heard that Dappy and his friends pulled up in a car at a Shell garage in Guildford, Surrey early on 28 February last year (2012). He and a friend, Kalonji Stewart, then got out of the car along with a third man. While Stewart went inside the shop Dappy began talking to two girls, who were in a group sitting on the kerb outside.

Prosecution lawyer Brian Stork claims that the N-Dubz rapper tried to persuade the girls to get into the car and reacted angrily when they refused, allegedly calling one ugly and then spitting at them but missing. The court then heard that a man called David Jenkins who had just met the two girls came to their defence.

Taking the stand, Jenkins said he had put Dappy in a headlock after the singer and his friends became aggressive towards the two girls. He claims a bigger fight then broke out which resulted in him being punched and losing some teeth.

The case continues.

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