N-Dubz to split over Tulisa Contostavlos 'X Factor' job? - Tabloid Hell

Dappy said to be 'livid' over his cousin's new direction

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N-Dubz are apparently on the verge of splitting over Tulisa Contostavlos' new role as a judge on The X Factor.

Bandmate Dappy is said to be unhappy with his cousin’s new role, especially as the band spent years talking up their eleven-year struggle for a record deal, and criticizing 'cheats' who get a leg-up from reality shows.

The Sun now claims that the situation is now approaching breaking point.

A source claims: "Dappy is livid about the whole situation. Tulisa has a new passion now and that's not what they got into the business for. He has thrown himself into his solo career because, as far as he is concerned, N-Dubz is all but over."

"The last album didn’t do as well as he hoped and X Factor caused a lot of problems between them."

It is believed that Dappy will honour remaining conractual obligations, and a new album has been recorded. But the source reckons that after that, he will wave goodbye to the band. It continued: "The last tour was stressful. The mood was grim between the three of them. Tulisa is now planning her solo career off the back of X Factor. There have already been talks of arena tours for her in 2012 and a promo strategy."

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for N-Dubz simply said: "The band will continue despite solo projects. They have gigs throughout 2011 and plans are in place for another single and album. The band are definitely not splitting up."

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