New Music Of The Day: Low Island – ‘That Kind Of Love’

Oxford four-piece Low Island know their way around heartbreak. New song ‘That Kind of Love’ pits itself right at the centre of a break-up, the part when everything feels pointless and there’s no light on the horizon.

“You may never find that kind of love again,” the group declare, over the gloomiest of synths (think ‘Kid A’-era Radiohead with even more fun factor sapped out). But like the best sadness-embracing bands, it’s a kind of misery you want to get lost in. Low Island feed off bleakness, but they also bring a dance-rooted sensibility. The end result is music to be played in clubs for lost ex-lovers.

It’s an impressive follow-up to the equally bittersweet ‘Just About Somewhere’ EP from earlier this year. Listen below.

That Kind of Love by Low Island

Catch Low Island live:

Louisiana, Bristol (June 9)
Farmfest, Somerset (July 29)
Fieldview, Wiltshire (August 4)
Stereo, Glasgow (October 13)
Corsica Studios, London (November 8)
Corsica Studios, London (November 9)