Katy Perry takes action against Katie Perry

Singer's reps don't want fashion designer using her name

Katy Perry was humiliated before a TV audience numbering in the tens of millions when she repeatedly slipped over on cake mix at MTV's Latin America awards. After diving into the giant cake at the climax of her song 'I Kissed A Girl', she slipped on the debris and couldn't get up. In the end she was forced to crawl off stage on her hands and knees. Pic: PA Photos
Representatives for Katy Perry are attempting to prevent an Australian fashion designer from using the brand name Katie Perry to represent her clothing line, even though it is the designer's birth name.

The pop star's record label, EMI, sent a cease-and-desist order to the designer, who recently opened an outlet in Sydney, Australia. They claim that the names are too "similar", and that Katy Perry's brand name must be protected, reports Billboard.

The designer was born Katie Jane Perry, but occasionally uses the name Katie Howell.

The American singer's tune 'I Kissed A Girl' hit the top of the Australian charts in 2008, and she is set to embark on a tour down under this August.

--By our Los Angeles staff.
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